Requirements for Monitoring Clearance | Securities and Exchange Commission

To curb the transmission of COVID-19, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) suspended the on-site application for monitoring clearance.

Applicants are instead required to submit a request for monitoring clearance via email to with attached requirements in pdf format (not exceeding 25 MB total) as follows:

  1. Latest due Financial Statement and any amendments thereto (duly stamped received by the BIR and SEC);

  2. Latest due General Information Sheet and any amendments thereto (duly stamped received by the SEC received);

  3. Articles of Incorporation and By-laws (w/ latest approved amendment, if any); and

  4. Copy of Registration of Stock and Transfer/Membership book (proof of registration only; no need to send entire book)

  5. Latest Monitoring Sheet and/or Confirmation of Payment (COP), if any

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